Stage Hypnotist

Hypnotist Fabtronic will leave your audience shaking their heads in disbelief after they witness this hilarious program that delves into the human subconscious! Beginning with demonstrations designed to illustrate the capabilities of the mind, Fab quickly moves into his uproarious hypnosis program!

One wave of the hand and she's fast asleep!
Imagine ...

...opening a book and turning to any page ... you concentrate on several of the hundreds of words on that page ... and Fabtronic reveals those words by reading your thoughts!
...the wonder you'll experience when Fabtronic moves objects ... using only the power of his mind!
...your fellow audience members travelling on a journey, riding a roller coaster, or dancing the hula ... all though hypnosis, without ever leaving their seats!

You don't have to imagine any longer! You can experience the above phenomena when hypnotist/mentalist Fabtronic guides you on a fabulous journey into the human mind!

Fab's programs have something for everyone, whether you want to participate, or just sit back and watch the fun! Fab's show is hilarious, unbelievable, and most importantly, always in good taste.

You'll talk about this show for months ... invite Fabtronic to your next event!

600 per show plus travelling expenses.

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